cat therapy

For Julie Cialone and Marla Valentine, co-directors of Rock n’ Rescue in  South Salem, adoption is not only about giving a home to a pet in need but also providing emotional support to the community. Cats account for most of their 2,000 or so yearly adoptions, but they also have dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Rock n’ Rescue, a 5013c (nonprofit), gives animals and their adopters a second chance. “We noticed a lot of our adopters would report stories about how our animals had impacted their life on a health and wellness side,” said Cialone. So they now offer pet therapy programs. With their “Kitty Clubs,” kittens are brought into nursing homes to play and spend time with the residents. Another partner is Ann’s Place in Danbury, a cancer support center.

The cats are so sweet because they don’t cage them and none are kept at their facility, Valentine explains, “They are housed in foster homes where they get the love, care and socialization they need. It really sets our animals apart.”

Rock n’ Rescue intends to expand, with plans in the coming months to open a wellness center that will change the narrative of a typical shelter filled with cats awaiting adoption. Instead, they aim to offer an experience that uplifts prospective pet parents.

If you’re interest in adopting or fostering an animal, or volunteering to help, Rock n’ Rescue would like to hear from you. Check out their website, email or call 914-688-5499.

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