claim your lost money

At first glance it may not appear legit, but au contraire, the New York State  Comptroller’s Office really does have a big bucket of money and some of it may belong to you. New York requires certain entities to transfer abandoned money or securities to their Unclaimed Funds account. The Comptroller serves as the custodian of these monies until they’re claimed by their rightful owners.

Funds may come from inactive bank accounts, uncollected insurance policies or refunds, amounts due for undelivered goods or services, abandoned stocks, uncashed checks and more.

Simply go to the website and click on the “Search Now” button. Fill in your last and first name and see if you’re on the list. Our publisher Susan Ross did a search with her name and 73 matches came up. Unfortunately, they were all for other Susan Ross’s but here’s to hoping you have better luck!

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