project lifesaver

Westchester County’s Project Lifesaver has been operational since 2008 and is a perfect example of the “It takes a village” philosophy in action. Supporting people who are caring for their parent, spouse, partner or other loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s, the program outfits the person with a bracelet that uses radio frequency technology to locate them if they wander.

A recent case in Yonkers illustrated the effectiveness of the program by locating a woman who had wandered from her home. She was found uninjured by county police officers in a wooded area more than a mile from where she lives.

That search marked the 11th time a person was successfully located and returned home. These GPS bracelets give caregivers much needed peace of mind.

The program is administered by the Alzheimer’s Association Hudson Valley Chapter. Enrollments are done at their Purchase office. Call 914.253.6860 for more information.

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