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Solo travel has become one of the fastest growing trends in the travel industry – led primarily by women travelers.

According to a Travel Leaders Group Survey, solo travelers account for 36% of all global travelers. In 2018, 70% of the passengers on Intrepid Travel’s U.S. trips were traveling on their own. Solo travel is popular across multiple generations: from millennials to baby boomers. Like-minded travelers share similar interests and enjoy the spirit of travel. Many solo travelers are married but traveling without their spouse for a variety of reasons.

Indeed, the travel industry has recognized the growing popularity of this segment of travelers, and it is now looking to accommodate the needs and interests of those going it alone. The traditionally coupled-up cruise world has meant navigating unfriendly waters for those traveling on their own. The pricey “single supplement” fee doubles the cost of their cruise!

Several ocean cruise lines have tossed life preservers to this important and profitable demographic. Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Crystal, Silversea and others now provide solo studio staterooms. Some have common lounge areas that provide snacks and daily happy hours for singles to socialize with each other.

The river cruise lines Tauck and Riviera are waiving single supplement fees for every sailing! In fact, Riviera offers seven dedicated European river cruises just for solos! The other river cruise lines (AMA, Avalon, Uniworld, Viking) periodically run solo promotions and sales throughout the year.

Some of the tour companies are also reducing or eliminating the single supplement fees, which can mean a savings of up to 50%. Exodus Travels, Learning Journeys and Intrepid Travel lead the pack for solo travelers with their diverse global itineraries. Small travel groups lend themselves naturally to solos, especially women who may be interested in camaraderie and concerned about security. The destinations for these travelers vary based on their individual bucket lists and interests.

Costa Rica is a great beach destination with various activities including yoga, kayaking, zip lining and exploring its volcanic peaks. For adventure, Kenyan safaris specifically designed for women are increasing in popularity. Guided tours in the U.S., Europe and Asia offer the opportunity to meet other travelers and immerse in the culture and history of the country they visit.

Whether it’s on a cruise or a tour, these travelers are warmly welcomed by other solos and couples. The travel industry continues to make major strides in attracting those traveling alone and there are many travel opportunities to choose from. So don’t sit home and watch the Travel Channel, go out and experience the world yourself!

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