spring 2021 issue

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Westchester Senior Voice turns five years old with this Spring 2021 issue. Happy Birthday to us! It’s been five years of pursuing our mission to empower you (and me!) – the baby boomers and seniors of Westchester County – to live our strongest and best lives. This was the objective I envisioned when starting out five years ago and, certainly, this past year has made that mission ever more challenging but also joyful and gratifying when we get it right.

Who would have thought we would have to face a once-in-a-century pandemic that would disrupt, alter and forever mark our lives so precipitously? Most of us succeeded in pivoting to a virtual reality. We dug deep and persevered, giving new meaning to words like resilience, fortitude, community and social responsibility. We also learned that seeing and connecting with each other via boxes on a screen has its limits. There is now light at the end of the tunnel. For many of you, that bright spot may already have arrived. Perhaps you’ve been fully vaccinated and are now able to visit with children, grandchildren and friends. I wish you well in your travels, however expansive or limited they may be, and in onboarding back to fuller lives.

Here at the magazine, we continue to serve up purpose, inspiration, and all sorts of ways to better your life. Real-life stories show us what’s possible when we venture outside the expected. Such is the case with our (page 20) profile of Jill Krutick, a Mamaroneck-based artist who about-faced from a Wall Street career to life as a full-time fine artist. What is your, “What’s next ”?

Dr. Christine Ashour’s (page 18) article tells us how the simple act of going outdoors can improve our physical and emotional well-being. Susan Eisenstein also explores how we can better our health and well-being – this time through the power of pets (page 24). And do not miss our latest scam alert: unemployment benefits fraud (page 37). Even if you’re retired and not at a paying job, someone may be claiming benefits in your name and you’ll be expected to pay the income taxes on those monies if you sit back and do nothing!

These articles and others are designed to make you stop and consider what’s needed to create your best life. So when you come back indoors after that walk or card game in the sun, grab your cup of tea, coffee or lemon water and read through this issue. Take the journey with us. I highly recommend it!

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