new fitness center at burke

With Burke’s newly renovated Adult Fitness Center, members can now challenge themselves to stay healthy and fit in a bright, spacious, modern space with personalized attention and professional supervision.

In addition to a host of welcome cosmetic upgrades, the Fitness Center has converted over to a full line of brand new Technogym equipment with the MyWellness fitness tracking system. Carolyn King, Director of Community Wellness at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, says, “Now that all of the equipment is located on the same floor, our trainers are always able to help members on the spot. It allows us to keep an eye on everyone to make sure they are completing their exercises safely.”

Workout programs at Burke continue to be monitored by certified fitness professionals, and every new member receives three orientation meetings with a trainer to familiarize them with their own fitness plan.

The Technogym equipment is very user-friendly and also allows for wheelchair accessibility. The MyWellness software enables Burke trainers to create individually-tailored exercise plans for fitness center members and provides visual demonstrations of how to complete each specific exercise and how to operate each machine. The software is accessible by phone app, key fob and the website; printed sheets are also still available.

Of the new machines and workouts, member Tom Wacht says, “It’s a much better workout than before; it’s a more efficient workout and it’s more fun. There’s greater variety. There’s more stretching. It works the body a lot better and it’s a great feel afterward – both physically and emotionally.”

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