metropolis sunrise

A monumental work of public art is coming to downtown White Plains this May. Metropolis Sunrise, a colorful, quilt-like textile sculpture will be draped from the top of ArtsWestchester’s historic nine-story neoclassical building, bringing the local community together at every level of its making. ArtsWestchester, the official County-designated arts council, has commissioned New York State textile artist Amanda Browder to design and fabricate the installation with help from local residents.

The artwork will be revealed at the May 28 ArtsBash event. To create Metropolis Sunrise, Browder will need more than 10,000 square feet of colorful non-stretchy fabrics, which will be sewn together by volunteers from the community. This extraordinary and inclusive work of public art will be created by arranging, pinning and sewing together donated fabric at more than 20 community sewing days, through March 29. All ages are welcome and prior sewing experience is not required.

The sculpture will be complemented by an indoor gallery exhibition featuring photo and video documentation of the project’s many stages, with personal reflections and accounts of community members as they explore the textile arts in their lives. In Browder’s own words, “The overarching goal is to involve individuals and groups in the mystery of creation. Volunteerism of local citizens and artists is a segue to creating familiarity in contemporary art as well as the individual nature of the neighborhood itself.”

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