covid-19 vaccine poll

In October of 2020, the University of Michigan Poll on Healthy Aging asked adults ages 50-80, nationwide, about the flu vaccine and the Covid-19 vaccine. About 2 out of 3 had received the flu vaccine last season. When asked if they’d get a Covid vaccine, when available and if it was free, 58% responded that they were very likely or somewhat likely to get it. Interest was higher for ages 65-80 than for the 50-64-year-olds. 

Half of the total group said they knew someone who’d had Covid and one in five knew someone who had passed away from the virus. Concerns about the vaccine included: how well it works (80%); their own research (56%); and if it was recommended by their doctor (52%).

Three in five of them strongly agreed that people who are at high risk should be given priority and nearly half are worried about the safety of a vaccine that is developed quickly.

Public health experts agree that an effective Covid-19 vaccine is essential to ending this pandemic. Close to half of the polled 50 to 80 year olds said they wanted to wait until others received the vaccine.

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