music moments

As a kid, I remember sleeping with my transistor radio tucked under my pillow. From there, I graduated to records, cassettes, CDs and now the world of downloadable music. With the wonders of technology – and a little help from pretty much any one younger than you, you can learn these skills and their many hidden delights.

You can have your favorite music handy on your cell phone, computer or iPad, and organize it into play lists or work with apps like Spotify and Pandora to program and codify the music you’d like to hear. It’s wonderful to know you love every tune on your list: a far cry from suffering through an entire LP just to get to the one track you love.

It’s all different now. With Shazam, you can tap the big “S” button on the app and instantly be reminded of the name of a familiar tune, or the title of a new song you’d like to hear again. Gone is the waiting game of hoping a DJ mentions the title. To me, hitting the S button is a miracle of our time.

Music lives in our souls. Little else can transport us back to another time – with the emotions and memories in tact. It’s as if we are there again.

When show tunes are on, I think about how my father loved to play them. Even as he later lost touch with the world around him, he could still sing every lyric of his favorite tunes.

As we make our advance directives about what we want when we can no longer ask for it, don’t forget about music. Make sure your lawyer puts this in your power of attorney.

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