tips for organizing your home

The easiest way to get organized is to start by weeding out the junk. This is the stuff that is ugly, broken and useless. Chinese food take-out containers would fall under this category, as would unmatched socks and that lamp you know you are never going to get fixed! If you have the energy and time to recycle, then go for it. This includes the extra tires in your garage, catalogs and even metal which can be sold! Clothing that is two sizes away from your current form also qualifies. Many people keep clothes that are too old, out of style and unflattering. Be honest and give the heave-ho to the clothing that no longer serves you.

Reducing the sheer volume of what you own will substantially reduce the amount of work you need to own and maintain your earthly belongings. It takes a whole lot less time to manage a closet with 100 articles of clothing than 500 and it makes no sense to warehouse stuff that cannot be loved and used. Even in the kitchen, take a good look at what tools and appliances you use. If the crock pot, bread machine or food processor are collecting dust on your counters, then it’s time to send them to Goodwill. This also applies to your utensils, tableware and glasses. Do you need 24 unmatched wine glasses if your entertaining is limited to small parties of 8 or 12? Does what you have represent what you need for your current or future lifestyle?

Sort what you decide to keep and make sure it’s with like companions. For instance, it makes sense to keep the cleaning supplies together, so you can track your inventory. This way, you know when you are out of your favorite product and can put it on your shopping list. This especially makes sense for important papers and documents. Filing your papers is essential – so you can find them when you need them. Leaving paid bills or insurance policies in a pile on the counter is messy and dysfunctional. Put them away, even if it’s only in a box marked 2018. At least you will have just one place to look when the time comes to retrieve them.

Containing what you own keeps your home clean and neat. In the bathroom cupboard, contain your body products, first aid and oral care. Keep a separate container for each category so your products are easy to locate. When you need dental floss and you’re in a hurry, you’ll be able to find it quickly. In the kitchen, keep small items and packets of sauces, etc. in small baskets that can fit in your drawers or on shelves. It’s a whole lot easier to find the taco seasoning when it’s contained. This also goes for the hats and gloves in the front hall closet.

Finally, repeat this process on a regular basis. Life happens and disorganization will creep back into your closets, drawers and cupboards. Your home cannot organize itself. You have to help on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Happy Organizing!

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