2022 design trends

With so much time spent in our homes over the past two years, it wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve already reimagined some spaces. Perhaps you’ve created a more formal office setup, reading nook or simply rearranged your furniture: anything to make your home more comfortable and functional.

For those of you who haven’t yet fallen back in love with your homes and are willing to allocate some of that unused travel budget to make changes, here are some design trends to consider:

Say goodbye to beiges, grays and blues. White and off-white walls are back – yes, they are! White makes a room feel larger, and your artwork and other wall hangings will pop. White can be used in any style or age home: from a 2015 contemporary to a 1930s Tudor. With so many iterations of white and cream paints, be sure to paint a large color swatch on a key wall before proceeding. Use color – including trendy black – for door and window trim, or an accent wall.

This year is still about making the most of your outdoor space. One way to do that is to mimic your indoor space by using rugs, lighting, couches, and side tables – all under a covered patio. Embrace the outdoors as your cooking, dining and entertaining area. An outdoor heater with wheels will keep the space functional on cooler days and evenings.

Create a multi-purpose space by converting that “smallish” guest room into a more functional space. Replace the bed with a Murphy bed that folds up against the wall and frees up floor space. Add casters to your desk, chair and other furniture so they can be easily moved – allowing you to use the room for yoga or another fitness workout. Place your desk, computer and printer along the wall and add curtains to conceal them when not in use.

These design trends can add function and serenity to your home. And who couldn’t use a little more of those things!

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