making winter bearable

As the seasons change and animals go into hibernation, so do many homeowners.

During these unusual times, we can make winter more bearable by finding joy in small accomplishments and improving the livability of our homes. Here are some ideas:

Add Indoor Plants: Plants contribute to a healthy environment. Nurture them and they will nurture you. Consider bringing a tree or two into your home. Rubber plants, umbrella trees and weeping figs all do well indoors.

Use Essential Oils: Aromatherapy can bring the soothing effects of essential oils into your home. Lavender relieves stress; peppermint aids in digestion; chamomile lifts your mood; and the list goes on.

Keep Your Spaces Tidy: It’s a good time to get your house in order – whether you are moving or not. Work lightens up for many contractors over the winter, so you may be able to get lower prices to do projects and freshen up your home. The same applies to workspaces. You can be more productive in work and life when you’re organized. Try to continually declutter and take care of small home projects.

Reset and Recharge: Commit more of yourself to family and friends. Host small holiday gatherings while taking the necessary precautions. (The CDC warns large gatherings are high-risk.) Practice self-care and refill your own tank. Exercise, stay fit, take up a hobby while still enjoying traditions, the holidays and your routines.

Make Every Minute Count: Identify your goals and then create a plan and a “to do” list. Whether you’re getting ready to move or looking to improve your home environment, it’s essential to lay out objectives and, as you accomplish each project, enjoy your successes.

Goals can be small or grand – or somewhere in between. Whether it’s setting up medical appointments, decluttering and donating clothes, or working on your home, creating an agenda will save you time, energy and money. In the end, you’ll be energized by the satisfaction of getting things done. Happy holidays to all!

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