5 easy home projects

Whether you’re looking to move or staying put, making your home a reflection of your own personality and style doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money. Especially if you’re willing to do the work yourself. Infusing color, patterns and texture into your everyday surroundings can also bring a sense of joy to your home.

You don’t need to be a seasoned do-it-yourselfer to successfully transform areas of your home. A little paint and creativity goes a long way.

Here are some projects that you may consider tackling:

1. Revive tired furniture.
Do you have traditional dark wood nightstands that you absolutely adored when you purchased them, but are now worn and dated? There’s no need to buy new ones to bring life back into your room. Pick up a can of white paint and say goodbye to the dreary brown. Take it a step further by going to Etsy.com for a huge selection of whimsical drawer knobs (some pictured here). For a finishing touch, preserve your nightstand with a protective glass top, made to size by your local glass cutter.

2. Design a headboard.
Is the fabric on your upholstered headboard from an era gone by? Peel back a hidden corner to see what’s underneath. You may want to remove all the fabric and replace it (or just cover it) with a new, trendier pattern such as a chevron or diamond design. Your best friend for this project will be a staple gun, which you can pick up at any local hardware store.

3. Color block a dresser, desk or table.
Perk up your kitchen table by painting the bottom half of your table a bold color. You can match the color to your chairs or take your wooden chairs and paint them as well. Another piece that’s ripe for color blocking is an old dresser that you want to bring new life to. Create a color explosion by painting each drawer front a different color.

4. Create a feature wall.
Stencil a pattern onto the wall behind your bed. Websites such as Royal Design Studio have a myriad of stencil designs to choose from and all the supplies you need to transform a wall. We’re particularly fond of the geometric pattern featured in the photo shown left – yes, that’s stencil work, not wallpaper!

5. Give your clay pots a makeover. 
Here’s another project where a little bit of paint goes a long way. Kick those planters into high gear with a splash of color. Paint the entire outside of the planter or just the top half. For straight lines and geometric patterns, use blue painters tape to mark off the areas you want to color. Another option is to use stencils for finer designs. Go crazy with color and make those terra cotta pots resound with personality.

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