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Welcome to the double whammy: cold and flu season on top of a resurgence of Covid-19. Time to do what we can (a lot!) to boost our immune systems so that our bodies are more resilient, and if we do contract one of these viruses, we will have a stronger response.

Here are my top ten recommendations:

1) Eat a whole food based diet: no junk food, no refined or highly processed food, minimal or no added sugar. This will help you lose weight and get your blood sugar under control. Being overweight and/or having type 2 diabetes are pre-existing conditions which put us in a higher risk category for Covid-19.
2) Make sure you are eating lots of foods high in vitamins A and C, and zinc. Tip: The more variety in colors of your fruits and vegetables, the more nutrients you will be adding to your meals.
3) Cook with lots of organic spices (fresh or dried), especially turmeric, garlic, ginger (or drink ginger tea), cinnamon, thyme, oregano. These spices are known for their antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Cinnamon can also help control blood sugar. Tip: Sprinkle some on your morning coffee or in your smoothie.
4) Know your levels of vitamin C, vitamin D, and red blood cell zinc – all are vital to a healthy immune system. Ask your health care provider if you need to supplement. If so, ask about the dose and make sure you purchase top quality products with no added fillers or unnecessary ingredients. (You would be surprised what some companies add to their supplements!)
5) Aim for eight hours of sleep each night, on a regular basis. Getting adequate sleep helps to lower our stress levels, and that alone helps boost our immune response. Tip: Try to get in bed at about the same time every night. Our bodies like to be on a schedule.
6) Drink plenty of filtered water every day.
7) Take time out of your day to do some deep breathing exercises and/or to meditate.
8) At whatever level of exercise you are able to do, daily movement is important. If you are not physically active, you might want to check with your health care provider about starting an exercise routine. Tip: Find something fun (dance!) so that you stick with it.
9) Find something to laugh about every day. Laughter is a great stress buster.
10) Create a plan to connect with friends and family on a regular basis. Social isolation lowers our immune function and can also lead to cognitive decline.

On top of all of this, wearing a quality mask, carrying hand sanitizer, and washing our hands frequently are all of utmost importance.

Since this past May, my partners and I have been running two-week long Power Immune Boost programs monthly, and our results have been fantastic! All of the topics listed above are integrated into the online program which we run through Facebook, Zoom, and daily emails. This is a food-based program: helping people to eat healthy, manage stress, stay hydrated, and get in their exercise during the pandemic. The menus are composed of easy to prepare delicious meals focused on foods that are high in immune boosting nutrients. We offer a complete vegan menu along side our regular one, and both menus change monthly, as we incorporate seasonal foods.

We just received this email from someone who has worked with us on our other programs as well as the Power Immune Boost:

I wanted to share with you a short story. My office is an active group of seven. Two and a half weeks ago, one of us tested positive. Between then and now, everyone else in the office tested positive and experiences symptoms. I quarantined, had a test when I first found out about the exposure and a second test at the end of quarantine. Both were negative (thank goodness!!!). I truly and honestly believe that the food as medicine that I learned from you guys …. helped to make that difference. Was it the only thing? I doubt it. But I think it was a huge contributor. It’s not a two-week program, it’s a lifestyle.

Our next Power Immune Boost starts on December 7th. For more information, you can contact me directly (see my contact info in the box below) or go to

We all owe it to ourselves, our loved ones, and everyone with whom we come into contact to do our best to stay healthy. Hopefully, a vaccine is on the way, but for the vast majority of us, it won’t be here to help this winter.

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