the reformer – yes you can!

If you’re looking to strengthen your back and spine, improve your flexibility, mobility and posture, then Pilates may be for you. The breathing techniques it incorporates can also be therapeutic and relaxing – think yoga but with a more intense core workout that’s based on resistance.

Pilates may start with floor and mat work, but most people know it for the system of springs and pulleys incorporated into its best known piece of equipment: the Reformer. While a somewhat medieval name for the apparatus, it’s nothing to be afraid of. And even if you’ve never exercised before, you can quickly start to improve your strength with Pilates. Because the workout is more subtle and focuses on the smaller muscles that support your frame, you may not even break a sweat – but that doesn’t mean it’s not doing its job.

Pilates instructor Heather Hayes sustained severe back and neck injuries from an automobile accident decades ago when she was a professional dancer; she discovered Pilates, years later, to rehabilitate herself. Motivated by her own injuries and recovery, Heather went on to receive her instructor certification from the Pilates Academy International and has been working with clients for nearly two decades.

Says Heather, “Pilates is physical therapy and a form of exercise that doesn’t deplete you, it replenishes you.” She goes on to describe how Pilates can help you become more fluid in your everyday life, no matter your age. One client who had been unable to place her overnight bag in the airplane overhead compartment was thrilled when, on her next trip, she was able to do so.

If you’ve had any recent injuries, check with your doctor before starting Pilates. Heather can be reached at: or 917-613-5515.

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