ready for your vaxication?

According to Frank Bastone, chief vacation therapist and travel specialist for baby boomers and seniors at Pinnacle Trips in North Salem, NY, a new word has been added to our lexicon: vaxications refer to the first vacations people plan to take once fully vaccinated.

With so many of us overly fatigued of being handcuffed to our homes for 16 or more months, vaxicationers are planning longer trips than usual. Says Frank, the more popular destinations include Hawaii, Greece, Croatia and, of course, the east and west coast beaches of the U.S.

Multigenerational travel is also on the upswing as grandparents – who were mostly kept apart from their grandchildren throughout the pandemic – are eager to connect in person once again. Concerned about a safe vacation experience, Frank tells us there’s an increased interest in villa and private home rentals – both domestically and abroad, which typically provide plenty of outdoor private space.

And what about cruises? Judge for yourself: Silversea’s 139-day world cruise in 2023, with 66 destinations in 34 days, sold out on the first day. Royal Caribbean’s request for volunteer passengers for their test sailings drew 200,000 eager respondents. That said, the cruise lines are promising reduced capacity, especially for their larger ships, as well as smaller sized group excursions.

To learn more about what’s going on with post-Covid travel options, reach out to Frank at 914-589-7149 or email him at

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