braised brisket and vegetables

From Richard Lipari, Culinary Institute of America-Trained and Executive Chef at The Osborn in Rye, NY. 

“This recipe is one of my personal favorites I hope you enjoy it as
much as my family and I do.”


– 3 to 4 lb. beef brisket, 1st cut (1st cut has no deckle and is very lean). A good rule of thumb is about 1/2 to 3/4 lb. per person uncooked (more if you want leftovers)
– beef and chicken broth or stock to cover meat
– 2 onions, sliced
– 6 cloves garlic
– 4 carrots
– salt and pepper
– corn starch
Optional: 4 celery stalks,
cut in 1″ pieces
Garnish: sliced scallions


Season brisket with salt and pepper. Sear brisket in olive oil on stove top on both sides until brown.

Cover brisket with equal parts chicken and beef broth. Cover and simmer brisket for about two hours. Add vegetables after one hour of brisket cooking. A good way to tell if done: fork will come out of brisket with no resistance when poked.

When brisket and vegetables are tender, remove from liquid. Return stock to a boil and thicken with a corn starch slurry (equal amounts of corn starch and water) to thicken gravy.
Slice brisket against the grain and arrange on a platter. Place vegetables and hot gravy over brisket. Garnish with scallions and enjoy!

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