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Hello! I am so happy to report that this past October, Westchester Senior Voice was honored with six awards for editorial excellence by the leading trade association representing boomer and senior publications throughout the country. The distinction was particularly sweet as our content was evaluated and judged by faculty and staff at the prestigious University of Missouri School of Journalism. It means the world to me to know that this labor of love, this magazine, is recognized for what we do.

In our most recent survey, 60% of readers told us they hold on to their print edition of Westchester Senior Voice for more than a month. Thank you! In that same survey, 92% of readers indicated that the advertising in this magazine was useful or relevant to them, a spouse or partner, or a family member. That’s a pretty striking number, which leads me to another plain truth: while having an online presence for our magazine is essential, especially during these times and moving towards the future, many of our readers still have a clear preference and need for us as a printed medium. And we will continue to deliver as such.

But that also begs the question, “how are we able to produce and deliver this magazine without any charge to our readers?” The answer, as you may already know, is that we are supported entirely by our advertisers. So, please let them know you learned about them through Westchester Senior Voice. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. If you love our magazine and use it to empower yourself to live your best and strongest life, then become a “brand ambassador” for our magazine by talking it up. If you frequent a business or service, let them know about this publication. It may help them in their endeavors as well.

To repeat some information from our last issue, we’ve been publishing, in print and online, since 2016. Up until Covid hit, we distributed the magazine throughout Westchester at about 700 locations. To make sure we get into your hands now, we’ve transitioned to mailing the magazine direct into homes, with just a few thousand copies selectively placed in the community.

If you’d like to receive this magazine at no charge, please email your U.S. postal address to us at By doing so, you’ll be added to our mail list for the coming year. If you did receive the print issue via the mail, please FIRST check the label on the cover. If it has your first and last name on the mailing label, there is NO need to email us with your address as you are already on our list.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a digital version of the magazine, to be sent to your email inbox, by going to our site at and signing up for the email newsletter. Once on the site, within seconds, a box will pop up and ask you for your email address. Simply fill it in and bam, you’re done!

We hope you enjoy this issue. It’s chock full of wonderful articles, all intended to help you create your strongest and best life.

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