prix fixe at gina marie’s chianti

There are prix fixe Luncheons for $16.95 and prix fixe Dinners for $21.95 served daily. A big 5-course Dinner is available for $35 per person.

Chef/proprietor Paul Caputo operates a bustling ode to Italian-American cuisine served in generous style. He previously operated Gina Marie’s Bella Vita in Mount Vernon. On one wall in the dining room is inscribed: “Chi mangia bene, viva bene” (If you eat well, you live well), and that’s the over-riding philosophy here.

Chef Caputo has a history of serving big portions of fresh made-to-order food – ‘family style’ some call it. Check out such specialties as: Spiedini ala Romana; his amazing garlic bread Paoliccimo with chopped broccoli rabe; chicken Caesar salad; zuppa di pesce over capellini; steak Campagnola; or giant veal chop Contadina. Great burgers and hero sandwiches, too.

Don’t worry; there are always plenty of doggie bags on hand for take home. On and off-premise catering. Chianti, 174 Marbledale Road, Tuckahoe. (914-346-8844)

Morris Gut

Morris Gut

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