a look at booming better

After much planning and ado, we pulled off the first annual Booming Better Expo – with the help of our 40 vendors and several hundred attendees.  Here are some of the comments we were rewarded with:

The event Sunday was excellent. I really learned a lot! Thank you!  When is the next one? – Deborah J.

Wasn’t sure what to expect, but so pleased with everything.  – Barbara K.

We really enjoyed the fun stuff like the virtual reality, Arthur Murray dancing and the fashion with Nordstrom.  – Diana T.

Great job – glad I went.  Lynda Z.

Presentations were relevant and convenient, comfortable settings with sufficient time for meaningful exchange.  – Liz N.

Hi Susan! Just letting you know Mom and I had a great time yesterday! The event was well organized and very informative. Hoping you will have it again next year!  – Carole I.

Carole, YES! We are going to have it again next year. Thanks to you and the many others who came and showed such great interest in the day!



Again, much gratitude to all our friendly and informative vendors,

the hundreds who came out in less than optimal weather to learn, have fun and engage,

the Westchester professionals who shared their expertise with our boomers,

to all who helped in any and every way.

Sincerely, Susan

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